Full Moon Drum Circle – Pompano Beach FL – Friday, 18 July 2008

Since learning last November, in the process of my Hugh Taylor Birch State Park exploration that drum circles are often held in the park … I had hoped that during my next visit to Fort Lauderdale I’d have the opportunity to document a drum circle at Hugh Taylor Birch State Park.

So when during a local TV news program on Thursday morning, 17 July 2008 that they reported on the 18 July 2008 full moon I began to search the internet for Full Moon Drum Circles in the Fort Lauderdale area.  And found this link which includes the Pompano Beach Drum Circle in its listing.

Apparently, Full Moon Drum Circles are held every month at Pompano Beach.  So, on Friday evening, we drove from the Hampton Beach Club to Pompano Beach in search of the 18 July 2008 Full Moon Drum Circle.  Unfortunately, when dark clouds and the threat of a heavy rain storm appeared on the horizon, we headed back to the apartment.

Later that evening I began the essay “Friday Nights in Fort Lauderdale” which sheds not only light on my past Firday Nights in Fort Lauderdale but Friday Nights in WDC or wherever I have been on Friday nights, over the years.


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