Columbia Heights / Adams Morgan / U Street – WDC – 26 July 2008

Since during my early July trip to Fort Lauderdale my newly purchased SmartDisk 80GB PhotoBank malfunctioned the very first thing that I did on Saturday morning after returning to DC on Friday night was to take the subway to Colubmia Heights with hopes of returning the defective merchandise to the Best Buy at DC-USA Shopping Mall which is where I had purchased it in early June.

Unfortunately, since the 15 day period had already passed the Best Buy store clerk suggested that since the merchandise carried a one year warranty it would be necessary for me to return it to SmartDisk.  When I informed her that an earlier attempt to visit the SmartDisk website had led me to a now defunct company whaich, apparently, had been acquired by Verbatim … she looked at me and said, ‘You may be out of luck’!

Before returning to the apartment, I embarked on a 26 July 2008 Saturday afternoon photo walk that took me through the Columbia Heights / Adams Morgan / U Street area.  And, it was in connection with my ongoing Windows of the World 2008 and 18th Street projects that I shot the  above photo of the Left Bank Bistro at 2424 18th Street in NW WDC.


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